A Nutrabolt-Half-Eve Update on Training/Life

Wanted to give a quick update on all that’s going on with marathon/half marathon training, and life in general!

The Nutrabolt Oktoberfest Half Marathon is tomorrow! AKA BibRave is the only reason I’d be proud to sport orange in College Station. Training has been going well. When you’re training for a marathon, I’ve discovered the half marathon serves as a great way to break up the lengthy training schedule a little bit. I have been fairly consistent with getting my workouts in this time around, overall. Haven’t seen a lot of progress in terms of my overall speed. It has also been very warm (and I have purposely taken a less rigorous training schedule). Races are just so much fun. Also, I’ll be meeting up with Erica from Another Half Please! I haven’t seen her since the Hot Chocolate 15K, and it will be super fun to connect with another Bib Rave Pro.

I’m also super excited to be in College Station this weekend – AKA my old stomping grounds. I went to Texas A&M and loved my college experience, so it’s always a treat to go back and visit/enjoy all of the inexpensive entertainment College Station has to offer. We’re going to eat at Layne’s, we’re going to see a $4 movie, and of course, we’re going to drink some craft beer! It wouldn’t be a proper trip to Aggieland without some beer, now would it?

Fun memories from my ring dunk (where you “dunk” your class ring and chug a pitcher of beer) and Elephant Walk, two Aggie traditions.

Other than that, I have some other big news (and it’s part of the reason for my absence over the past couple of months).

I started a new job last week! It’s going great so far – I am really pleased with the company and all they invest in their employees. It’s been an opportunity to learn quite a lot and I am looking forward to what I hope will be a long relationship. Having more of a work-life balance and being able to refocus back on what I love to do – running and writing – will also be another perk! I feel like I started the year strong, but as my stress level increased, it has become a challenge to give y’all updates. So, I’m quite relieved.

Bonus: unlimited La Croix and yummy tacos within walking distance of my remote-controlled standing desk.

But, as for tomorrow, I’m still managing expectations. With a warm forecast of about 70 degrees, it’s going to be my warmest race. Not totally expecting to PR – it would be nice, but I have been feeling slow lately. My game plan is to just have fun… seems like I say that a lot, but it’s the truth!

Cheers to not having a plan and enjoying the ride. Looking forward to sharing my feedback on the race this week. Stay in touch on Insta for all of the latest! 🙂

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