Product Review: Amphipod Hydraform Ergo-Lite Ultra 16 oz.

Disclosure: I received an Amphipod Hydraform Ergo-Lite Ultra 16 oz. as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews! All opinions are my own.

Since I only started running just over 2 years ago, I have been testing a variety of new products to figure out what works for me. Hydration carriers have been at the top of my mind since the beginning, as it’s hot in my area (I may have mentioned that before, haha). Having tried belts, backpacks and other methods, I was very curious to try the Amphipod Hydraform Ergo-Lite Ultra 16 oz., since I have never taken a handheld product for a spin before. 


The Amphipod Hydraform Ergo-Lite Ultra 16 oz. is a handheld hydration solution that carries up to two cups of water, sports drink or any other liquid you need to stay cool on a run. This particular product features a convenient pocket with a divider to stash your ID, hang your keys and fit your phone – even if you have an iPhone 6, like I do. The pocket is similar to a storage belt in its stretchiness, so you can actually hold a lot inside.


Another important feature is that the water bottle is leak-proof (the cap is called a Jett Squeeze cap). Since you are carrying this in your hand, any less of a water bottle would be prone to splashing all over you, but I had no such problems. I will point out that with the sleeve on the water bottle, the cap can be slightly challenging to screw on just right to prevent leaks; it’s just something to be aware of so the cap doesn’t leak from the sides. 


Overall, I have found this product to be extremely convenient. Some of the other things I enjoyed about this bottle included:

  • Easy to remove the water bottle and wash each piece. Seriously people, wash your water bottles. Bacteria is gross!
  • Ergonomic with a “Thumb Lock” design (so you don’t feel like you really have to hold it tightly).
  • It was not bouncy!
  • Slots for energy gels on the strap is smart, especially if you prefer handheld bottles and need to carry this with you on longer runs.

As for me personally, I primarily use this to carry just the essentials to the gym, on walks, or when I am running shorter distances outdoors. The main reason is that carrying water and my essentials in the pocket was a little heavy for me on longer runs, which meant I had to alternate hands a lot to avoid straining my wrist. However, this is more of a personal preference than an issue with the product itself – the Hydraform Ergo-Lite Ultra was not bouncy or anything. That is, I don’t believe this is an issue that any handheld bottle would be able to avoid; I also have very small wrists and hands, so it doesn’t take much to weigh them down. Small wrists aside, I will definitely continue to use this throughout the summer because it’s way more convenient to put my essentials in the pocket than deal with a belt or a backpack. 


You can purchase the Amphipod Hydraform Ergo-Lite Ultra 16 oz. online at, and they also have a 20 oz. available (which has a smaller pocket, I believe). This model runs about $28, and seems well worth the cost, as it is well-constructed and feels durable.

Today’s question: what is your favorite liquid to take on the go during a run?

Cheers to finding ways to stay hydrated in the heat!

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