Currently Loving: Adidas Ultimate Hoodie

In light of the bi-polar weather we’ve seen recently, I’m sharing one of my favorite warm pieces of gear. I’ve long been an Adidas fan, and was instantly obsessed when I received this hoodie as a gift for Christmas!


(I had to try it with the hood on, of course!)

Logo2Generally, I like that Adidas is more reasonably priced than some other high-end sports brands, while still maintaining a reliable quality standards. The Adidas Ultimate Hoodie did not disappoint.


Full Length2Available in a variety of colors, this jacket is nice and bright, allowing me to feel more visible when on a run or bike ride. It’s also made of a very lightweight fleece material that wicks away moisture – I feel the same warm fuzzies I get from my favorite Columbia fleece, without all of the bulk. When I start to get hot from my workout, I don’t feel like I’m running with a trash bag on, because the moisture is efficiently carried away; it’s as breathable as hoodies can be, but still keeps me nice and warm. I can also wear a couple of layers because it fits loose, without everything riding up underneath. I don’t need to do this too often, considering I live in Texas, but it’s nice to have a versatile piece for the days when it’s chilly.

The other features I love have to do with the mechanics. I am a short girl, so I’m often stuck with sleeves that are too long. For me, the sleeves are just right for me to stick my thumbs through the thumbholes, but still have a loose feeling. I love the pockets as well, which are nice and deep, giving me the freedom to put something in my pocket without fear of losing it. The pockets are separate, which feels way more secure than a regular hoodie kangaroo pocket.


I wasn’t able to find it in the same color, but Amazon has a ton of different color options (including a pretty teal stripe version that I really want to add to my closet). Here is my affiliate link: adidas Performance Women’s Ultimate Fleece Pullover Hoodie

I’ll end with a question: what’s your favorite cold weather gear?


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