Currently Wearing: Merino Wool Buff

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SXSW is here in Austin and springtime came with it! It’s currently in the 80’s, which has me missing the cooler days of winter. At some point, another cold front will probably blow through and we’ll have a slight reprieve sometime before Memorial Day weekend. If and when this happens, I’ll be prepared with my new Merino Wool Buff. I’ve raved about Buff products before, and hoped that their new Merino Wool Buff would live up to my expectations based on prior experiences – and it certainly has! If it comes across that I’m a huge fan from this review, that’s quite alright with me.  

FTRbuffneckComfortable and cute, this Buff is one of the simplest, most versatile running accessories I own. It’s made of 100% natural Merino wool, which is soft-to-the-touch and warm, but also highly breathable. It can be worn from temperatures ranging from roughly 30 – 70 degrees, which is a pretty wide range! It doesn’t smell either. I wish all of my running gear had this property, haha, but Buff seems to be the only brand I have worn that has perfected the art. It can also take care of so many needs – headband, sweatband, scrunchie, hood (for those of you chilly weather runners), beanie, etc.

FTRbuff logoBecause it is so versatile, I can see myself changing after a run and keeping it on as a headband, because it looks great with my hair, and doesn’t give away the fact that I just worked up a sweat at the gym.

And I LOVE the color; if you can’t tell from my photos, I like purple. The Wild Aster Dye was just enough of a print to be a unique accessory, without being too bright or loud to go with anything else I wear for working out or in my day-to-day activities.

It even plays right into the athleisure trend.

Case and point: I recently traveled to Chicago for work, where there was actual snow on the ground (news flash: that never happens where I live). I brought my Buff and I ended up using it as a beanie almost the entire trip – It was just the right amount of warmth, and compact enough to be stored in my purse while I was walking around at the trade show. So yeah, it’s definitely not just for running, and that’s one of the best aspects of it! All you have to do to make it a beanie is twist it, fold one side over, and put it on… see below!FTRbufftwist

FTRbutfhatThe only con for me was that it was a little loose at times, but I am pretty petite and tend to run into this issue with headbands in general. It stayed on, even on windy days, but it was just a little more slippery/loose than my other Buffs, probably due to the material. This will not stop me from wearing it, though, and I have a feeling it will be in my rotation of running gear for years to come.

You can purchase one for yourself at for $32. Trust me, it is worth every penny! I will be buying more for myself in the future (and one for my little dog, too). And, if you’re sold on it, be sure to join me on #BibChat Twitter Chat this Tuesday, March 15 at 8:00 PM CT with Buff! You may even win one for yourself.

Have you found any other uses for the Buff that I haven’t mentioned? I’m all ears – feel free to share!

Cheers to simple things with so many uses!

3 thoughts on “Currently Wearing: Merino Wool Buff

    1. Thank you! It’s seriously my new favorite accessory. Photo credit goes to my husband (so glad he doesn’t mind being a bit of an Instagram husband sometimes).

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