Go Ultima! Hydration Option Review

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When I’m in the midst of training, I tend to get a little sick of water even though it’s essential to a successful training regimen. Luckily I found out about Ultima Replenisher, and
I have to say it has made it so much easier to get my daily water and essential nutrients in.

What is Ultima? It’s a powdered electrolyte drink mix that you simply mix in to your water and drink! It adds the vitamins and minerals you need for successful workouts back into your system without extra carbs or sugar.

You may have heard of Ultima previously, but I’d encourage you to try it again for yourself. They recently reformulated – one package now fills a whole 16.9 oz. water bottle.


So how does Ultima stack up in the things that are most important to me in a nutrition product? Let’s find out.


While calories don’t necessarily have a bearing on the overall healthiness of a product, they do help me keep track of how much I’m eating overall on a daily basis. It’s nice that Ultima contains no calories, so I can stay on track, which brings me to my next point…


Despite containing no calories, Ultima is au naturale – the colors are all-natural, flavors are naturally derived, sweetened with stevia, etc. I can rest easy knowing that it isn’t full of chemicals! Ultima also contains a ton of Vitamin C, among other essential nutrients. You can view the nutrition facts on their website.


Working with my Stomach

I usually prefer to take in more food-like substances when running long distances, but I still need to hydrate (and sometimes need more sodium than I can take in reasonably with Gu’s). Ultima satisfies that need, and it agrees really well with my stomach while I’m working out. This is not always the case – Gatorade and others have been known to make me a little queasy.


Perhaps most importantly, Ultima tastes great! It is not overpoweringly sweet, but it does not taste salty either. I sampled the Raspberry and Lemonade flavors, and both actually tasted true to what I expected – a rarity with nutrition products. It comes in five different flavors, and you can mix ’em if you want (I mixed mine together to make Raspberry Lemonade). My husband, Chris, even likes it, which is the ultima-te test! We make a point to go work out together at least once a week, and now I am always having to make him a bottle of the Lemonade flavor. They also have some delicious recipes on their website… I like adding a little squeeze of lime to mine!



All Ultima servings are measured per 16 oz serving – the equivalent of a standard packaged bottle of water. A 20 pack of single-serve packets is $19.99 (roughly $1 each). What I love about the single-serve packets are that they are so convenient to take on the go. You can also purchase a 30-serving or 90-serving canister, which is what I recommend in terms of being cost-effective. Each serving ends up being around 66 cents (for the 30-serving) and if you really love it, purchasing the 90-serving canister makes each serving a super-affordable 44 cents! I also prefer this option because it makes it easier to add enough drink mixture to a larger bottle, like my Camelbak that holds about 26 oz. of water.

Are you ready to try Ultima Replenisher for yourself?

Visit www.ultimareplenisher.com and the code “BIBRAVE2016” gets you 35% off of their already reasonable prices (plus free shipping).

Cheers to hydrating well!

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