Happy Taste Buds, Meet Healthy Body – Health Warrior Chia Bars Review

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Quick read for you guys this evening – I’m sharing my thoughts about the Health Warrior Chia Bars, which I’ve been tasting and testing for the past month! Health Warrior sent me 15 of the Vanilla Almond and 15 of the Chocolate Peanut Butter flavored chia bars to test, as well as a fun marathon training coloring book. 

As you may recall, I’m not super picky about the specs of the food I’m eating – I don’t have any allergies or specific restrictions on my diet, and I mainly just try to avoid eating too much junk and processed foods. Given that Health Warrior products are so “clean,” and because sometimes things that are so clean taste gross, I was pleasantly surprised I liked them. A mid-afternoon Chocolate Peanut Butter binge has successfully replaced my routine raid of the candy drawer at my office. This makes me feel better about my life choices, and makes my actual body feel better. I also had Chris, my husband who’s less of a health nut than I am, try them. He actually enjoyed the Vanilla Almond flavor as well (dude amazingly doesn’t like peanut butter).

Of course, Health Warrior’s Chia Bars are largely comprised of chia seeds, which are rich in nutrients like fiber, anti-oxidants, protein, calcium, omega-3’s and healthier carbs. The goal is for the chia seeds to expand in your stomach and also make you feel fuller, without all of the extra calories and processed junk that makes other bars, well, bar-like. 

It’s also reassuring that I understand everything that’s in each of these bars. Everything is pronounceable, not that it’s a bad thing if there’s something that’s difficult to pronounce, as long as I know what it is.

In terms of when I eat them, I’ve tried a couple for breakfast, as a snack, and as a pre-workout fuel, and they’ve worked pretty well for all three. Because they are so high in fiber, I worried that they would not make a good source of pre-long-run fuel. However, they gave me a little extra burst of carbs without making me feel weighed down (and I didn’t have any GI issues, which I’m sure is the real question you all have). That says a lot – there are a ton of foods that I just can’t eat before a long run. Anything with any amount of dairy (aka most breakfast food), pop tarts, apples and oatmeal are all foods that work for other runners but are disastrous for me. These work for my running routine and that’s what’s most important. 

My one complaint is that I wish they had a bit more protein, as there are 110 calories in each and only 3-4 grams of protein (at least in the flavors I tried). For this reason, while they filled me up temporarily (thanks, chia seeds), and they filled me up more than chips or other junk I reach for when I’m unprepared, they didn’t keep me full for longer than similar protein-rich snacks. You can guarantee I’ll be trying out their Protein Bars when I finish the samples they gave me.

The other great thing about this company is that they understand how much of being healthy is mental. The branding of warrior is just something I like, but I really did find the coloring book to be therapeutic. It helps to visualize yourself as a warrior, cheesy as it sounds. 🙂 I’ve been goal setting and considering what will be a success at the upcoming Rock ‘n’ Roll race in San Antonio, and taking the time to color has been a big part of it.

#goals: to hit 2:20 this season, which may require a unicorn cloud of magic to accomplish.

You can try out samples of the different bars by visiting the Health Warrior website, and you only have to pay shipping and handling. Be sure to try the coloring book with this unique link: http://healthwarrior.link/colorbookbr They also sell them at Target, Whole Foods, Wegmans and Sprouts. To give you an idea of price, their sampler pack has gone for 16 bars for $19.99, though it’s currently sold out. That’s quite reasonable!

What’s your favorite pre-run food?

Cheers to finding something that makes my taste buds happy and keeps me healthy!

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