June Training Update – Global Running Day

In June, I set out with a simple goal: to beat my May mileage total. Well, within the last week of June, I beat it… just before work got in the way and I took an unexpected week off.

Here’s what June looked like for me in terms of running.

Total miles run in June: 23.3

Week of June 25:

Body Pump | Yoga | 3.1 mi.

These 3.1 miles were technically part of July; however, it wasn’t a total loss, as I got in some cross training through classes. I find yoga to be an important part of my running schedule because it helps me tap into that zen frame of mind.

Make sure to try out Acai Hut if you’re in the Austin area.

Week of June 18:

3.5 mi. | Yoga | 2.5 mi.

Between a day trip to a family reunion and a weekend trip to Galveston for a wedding, it felt like there was no down time in June. I still managed to get a few quick workouts in this week, which felt good.

Week of June 11:

3.6 mi. | 2.1 mi.

Again, one of those weeks where getting close to 6 miles in felt like an accomplishment. I will say, though, that one of the highlights of my summer has been running as close to dusk as possible in the downtown area. It’s amazing because of the bats (and now I’m kicking myself for not having a good photo). At dusk, the bats that live under the bridges take flight, which is kinda gross if you really think about it, but mostly cool because it looks like smoke coming out of the bridges. This is the week I first discovered it (and had a chance encounter with a water moccasin that was terrifying as well). Good times. 

FYI – my favorite coffee these days is Cafe Nena’i, because they have amazing Argentinian pastries to go with it!

Week of June 4:

2.4 mi. | 3.9 mi.

This week was super fun – I celebrated Global Running Day with a local group run, sponsored by the Austin Half Marathon. While it was 96 degrees out, it was awesome to get a little reminder of what racing feels like on a regular ‘ole Wednesday. 

Tired at the end of the run, but I made it!

How has your summer been? It’s hard to believe the downhill side of summer is here.  

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