Just Thankful.

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With Thanksgiving this week, I sat here tonight wracking my brain trying to think of just the right topic to connect life lately to Turkey day. But, then I remembered that the best blog posts just come. Just saying what’s on your mind and reflecting can sometimes be the best way to approach writing.

In light of current events facing our country, my busy-ness with a starting a new job, etc. I have seen and heard so much negativity and stress lately. I’d like to add some positive feedback to all the noise. While my blog is primarily about running, it’s also about being healthy, and being thankful is actually healthy! Without trying to come up with a witty way to tie things together, I’m just going to tell all of you what I find myself being thankful for this year. I have been provided for in so many ways and I thank God for that.

My Ability to Run


I’ve had some aches and pains this season during my marathon training, which has made this season challenging. It has reminded me that I may not get to run forever, so I should make it count while I have the ability. I am trying to practice gratitude each time I run (whether that’s just acknowledging that I am grateful for the opportunity to run, or thinking deeply about it.

My Job


A lunch break walk wouldn’t be complete without a crunchy leaf and shoe snapshot, would it?

Though it’s been a busy couple of months, changing jobs has been a huge blessing for me. My new work environment is all about growing and getting better at your work. While I have been working some long hours, I have felt a lot better knowing that it’s appreciated. My office is also a highly skilled team to work with and ask questions. They (whoever they are) say the best environment is one where you don’t feel like you are the smartest person in the room. It’s not that I’ve felt like the smartest person in the room at any other workplace, but I definitely look up to all of my colleagues and feel that they are some of the best in the industry. I am looking forward to continuing my professional growth there!

My Husband


He tolerates my random pictures of him. 😉

Well, duh. Between dealing with my previous job and stresses there, adjusting to new life changes in Austin, and, of course, having a busy personal life with running and blogging, Chris has been incredibly supportive. He has encouraged me to be more confident in my skills. He has taken care of the dog when I worked late (or went in early) countless times. He has become a pro at cooking my favorite meals and memorized my Chipotle order.

He’s just all-around saved the day. A million times.

I know that’s what spouses are supposed to do, but I couldn’t be more grateful.

A Couple of Days Off


Photo from the last time I had time off – in Italy.

Okay, who isn’t thankful for this? Since I don’t have much vacation time yet, the holiday will serve as a perfect time to rest up mentally and physically. After all, I’ve got a marathon in less than three weeks, you guys! We have plans to go camping, so stay tuned for pics.

Though I hope your Thanksgiving is filled with delicious food, family and miles of turkey trots, I also hope you find some time to pause and take in something to be thankful for.

And on that note, Jessica at Live Slow Run Fast is sharing some timely advice on self-care during the holidays. While you’re browsing the web, trying to stave of your turkey coma, make sure you check it out – such an important topic.

What are you thankful for this year?

Cheers to eating all the pie (and my first homemade pecan pie to boot)!

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    1. Thanks, Elizabeth. I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving (sorry for the delayed response, I did not get a notification about my comments for some reason).

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