Product Review: Getting My Running Life Organized with Athlinks

Who else out there has been on the struggle bus of constantly looking up their old race times when trying to set goals?

Well, the new year is here, and there’s a free resource that can help solve this problem when you’re goal setting in 2018. It’s called Athlinks!

Each new year, I find it’s helpful to reassess and reevaluate how I organize my life, spend my time, and approach my goals. Timing was perfect, as I found out about Athlinks through my friends over at BibRave just a couple of weeks ago. Now that I’m all set up on the platform, I’m excited to share with all of my runner friends, because it’s such a helpful tool. And the best part is: it’s FREE.

Signing up was really easy – I actually signed up from my phone browser in less than five minutes. Once I picked a password and username that worked, I got started in no time. The website prompted me to claim my race results, which it pulled from their database using my first and last name. I simply went down the list and clicked “claim” on the ones that were mine. Users also have the ability to search, which may be easier for folks that haven’t done a ton of races recently, to avoid scrolling.¬†After claiming my results, my personal records, as well as my rankings for each race, were saved in a user-friendly dashboard.

The app for iPhone and Android devices is also intuitive to use, and I like the flexibility of being able to look up my results while I’m at a race. You can even get competitive by following along with friends’ progress (just ask for a link to their profile and there will be a follow button – easy, right?).

When following other people, Athlinks also makes it possible for you to see what races they have coming up; you can show everyone what your goals are by searching for an upcoming race, clicking on their profile, and adding yourself to the start line.

I can’t tell you how refreshing it is to be able to quickly look back at my progress over the years and reflect on how hard races back in the day would now be much easier for me. I am hopeful I will be able to hit a 2:20 half marathon this year, and it now seems much more within reach. Athlinks has definitely helped motivate me in that way.¬†

All you have to do to use this for yourself is visit and click “sign up” in the top right hand corner. Once you get situated, let’s follow each other! Here’s a link to my profile:

As I chase my sub 2:20 half marathon, I am excited to see what kind of goals you accomplish in 2018!

Cheers to getting organized for the new year.

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