Run for the Water: a 10-Miler to Remember

Your brain during a 10-miler:

Mile one: alright, let’s make this a good race.”
Mile four: “gee whiz, I hope the next 6 go by fast.”
Mile seven: “can I just be done already?”
Mile nine: “when can I do this again?”

That pretty much sums up my experience during the Run for the Water 10-miler.

Ready for race week with my fave pupper.

Don’t let the inspiring beneficiary, spot-on swag, or nice course amenities fool you – this race is a tough one. Despite the challenges at hand, the Run for the Water offers an excellent way to sprint into race season.

My #flatrunner for the race.

Here are four reasons to run the Run for the Water next year:

  1. A healthy challenge. The course contains rolling hills and a monster of a massive hill during the final half of the race. You’ll feel accomplished no matter if you PR or just finish.
  2. The beneficiary. The race benefits the Gazelle Foundation, which provides water to people in Burundi. Can you imagine being without clean water? This seems like a basic human resource that everyone on the planet deserves access to. You can also donate the cost of your finisher shirt to the cause.
  3. The scenery. You’ll enjoy a mix of Austin landmarks (like Lady Bird Lake, Mozart’s and a view of the Austin skyline, as well as some lovely neighborhoods. The course runs through Tarrytown, an affluent, hilly neighborhood with an eclectic mix of beautiful homes and stunning views when you crest the hills.
  4. A top-tier post-race party. The party is located at one of the best spots in Austin – S. 1st Street – where you can bask in the glory of downtown, looking back at all you accomplished and refueling before heading back home.
Tired, but feeling accomplished.

How’d I do?

I’m honestly not ashamed to say I ran the slowest race pace I’ve run in a long time. I attribute this to a couple of non-race-related factors as well. My headphones crapped out before mile four, which was AWFUL. I also wasn’t feeling my best after an impromptu night out with some dear friends the night prior – call it run/life balance if you must. That hasn’t ruined a long run before, but it’s a little different when you’re trying to perform your best.

Overall, the Run for the Water is a race to plan for, and one that you definitely should train for! If you make sure to incorporate consistent hill work into your training, you’ll be in good shape.

Check out the race here. See you out there next year!

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