Falling in Love All Over Again: UV Reflective Half BUFF® Review

Disclosure: I received a UV Reflective Half BUFF® as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out BibRave.com to review find and write race reviews! All opinions are my own.

I’ve written about the UV Half BUFF® before, and was so excited when I found out BUFF® would be sending me a new one – this time with reflective material!

Here’s why I’m in love with the BUFF® all over again.

What makes the UV Reflective Half BUFF® stand out from other BUFF® headwear is that it is half the length of the original BUFF®. This is the perfect weight for summer, and it’s even better for summer mornings and evenings when trying to beat the heat. It’s so important to make sure you are wearing some sort of reflective equipment in low light conditions. No one wants to get run over!

You can also enjoy the same key benefits that are synonymous with BUFF® brand products, including superior odor control. For something that ends up soaking up all your sweat, I can’t stress how important this is. I don’t have a single piece of clothing that’s done as well as BUFF® products have.
I love the versatile, fun, solid colors available. I received the citron color, which is nice and bright. Also love that they are unisex, which is nice if you’re buying as A gift.

As I’ve stated, the UV Half BUFF® was a little stretchier and seemed a little more slippery, but I didn’t have that issue here. 

The versatility of BUFF® Products is another benefit. The UV Reflective Half BUFF in particular offers a method to guard your face from dust and wind, as well as a headband or hair tie. My favorite way to wear is as a headband. It soaks up the sweat and keeps hair off my face during workouts, and it keeps the hair off my neck if I’m wearing it down. Pro tip: during the blistering summer heat, you can freeze your UV Reflective Half BUFF for about a 10 minute cool blast.

You can check out past reviews of the UV Half BUFF®UV BUFF®, Merino Wool BUFF® and BUFF® Hoodie.

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again – I never met a BUFF® product that I didn’t like.

You can purchase one for yourself at www.buffusa.com for $14.99! It’s comparable in price to so many other headbands I’ve used, but is so much more versatile. 

What’s your favorite BUFF® product?

Cheers to another great BUFF product! 

Half the Fabric, Twice the Cool: the UV Half BUFF®

Disclosure: I received a UV Half BUFF® as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out BibRave.com to review find and write race reviews! All opinions are my own.

If you have been reading my blog for any length of time, you may already know just how much I love BUFF® products. But as much as I love BUFF® headwear (you can check out past reviews of the UV BUFF®, Merino Wool BUFF® and BUFF® Hoodie), I have never had the opportunity to test out their UV Half BUFF® until recently.

Basically, what is different about the UVHalf BUFF® from other BUFF® headwear is that it is half the length of the original BUFF®. This makes it perfect for summer, when every ounce of fabric on your body seems 10 times hotter! 

Other than that, you can expect the same benefits as you would the UV BUFF®, as well as most of the other BUFF® brand products.

One of my favorite parts of the BUFF® product line is the superior odor control. Case and point: I have worn mine nonstop running in the heat this past month and haven’t had to wash it yet due to odor (though I probably should now that I think about it, because germs still exist… oops!).

It also keeps the sweat out of my eyes when I wear it as a headband as any other BUFF® does. I was a little worried that the UV Half BUFF® wouldn’t keep the sweat off my face because there is so much less fabric; however, now that my head is able to be so much cooler while experiencing my favorite things about BUFF® products, these will be my go-to for summer running.

You can also freeze your buff for extra cooling effects and the UV protection is also perfect for covering your forehead and scalp (because no one wants skin cancer!).


I have the Petrol UV Half BUFF® and I love the color – the pictures online do not do it justice. Not that I like to match too much, but it complements a large majority of my running and workout clothes. I also love the Tie Dye Lace and Berry options; you can check out all the options here.

Now, less fabric means it’s a little stretchier. We all know I have a small head; while an Original BUFF® is less stretchy/stays in place really well on me, this one was more prone to slipping. I would rather it be slightly too loose though than give me a headache from being too tight. While you still have several ways to wear it (headband, t is also not quite as multifunctional as some other BUFF® products, but it is a trade-off. In the summer, the less fabric you are wearing, the better, so those are sacrifices I will gladly make when it comes to surviving the scorching Texas heat!


Basically, I’ve never met a BUFF® product that I didn’t like.

So where to buy? You can purchase one for yourself at www.buffusa.com for $14.99! Considering how much some running headbands cost these days, I feel this one works a lot better than so many others I have tried. Looking forward to seeing all of the great running gear the BUFF, Inc. comes out with in the future.

What’s your favorite BUFF® product?

Cheers to finding a product line you truly love! Be sure to check out some of my other favorite BUFF® products here, here and here.

The Accessory Every Active Girl Needs – UV Full Buff Review

Disclosure: I received a UV Full Buff as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out BibRave.com to review find and write race reviews! All opinions are my own.

The Buff is one of my favorite running products of all time, so I was jumping for joy inside when I found out I’d get to test the UV Full Buff. In fact, I have been using mine nonstop since it arrived. It’s regularly in the 90’s, now that it’s almost summer, and I needed something light to keep the sweat out of my eyes. It’s no surprise to me that the UV Full Buff delivers.


Despite having a lot of fabric to work with, this Buff is lightweight and wicks moisture efficiently. You’d think it would feel bulky, but it doesn’t. Among other things, Buff is known for their fabulous fabric that does not stink, called Polygiene®, and it totally works! That’s super important going into the summer (seriously, why does my sweat smell so much worse during the summer?).

Runner friends: you won’t just use this Buff for running. The biggest benefit of the UV Full Buff is the versatility. I’ve worn it as a headband, a head wrap and on my wrist; there are more than 12 ways to wear it – plenty of options. It also keeps the hair off of your neck much better than an elastic headband, making it a smart choice for basically any workout.


And now, a story. Back in college, a friend taught me the most ingenious way to use a bandana – just wrap it up and wear it as a headband with the knot tied on top. This trick upped the look of my casual outfits, turned my bad hair days into good ones, and most importantly, kept the hair off of my neck. Whether I was walking to class, playing powderpuff football, or running around with kids at camp, I often wore my hair like this, because I needed my long locks off my neck, but I hated wearing it up… until I got a Buff! The Buff replaced my bandana, and made it though a couple of summers at camp with no stink, and it was cooler in temperature than cotton.

Recently, I’ve been wearing a Buff just like I did in college, because the Otoe print goes with so many things in my closet. I even styled it below with one of my fave casual outfits as of late – the colors pull the whole look together for me!


The moral of the story: if you are constantly running from activity to activity, the UV Buff  keep your hair looking great.

Enough about style, though (this is a running blog, after all. If you live in a dusty and dry area, you can use it as a face guard (you can also use this if you’re going skiing or doing cooler activities), and it will protect your skin from harmful UV rays! And, if you’re a guy, you can use it as a cap or do-rag, to protect your head from the hot sun!

FTR_buff face

I’m also really excited to use it this summer with ICE! I got the idea from other Bib Rave-ers to put ice cubes in the fabric for an added chill. I have problems with my head getting really hot on warmer days, so I’ll definitely be trying this soon.


Any cons? For the sake of total honesty/journalistic integrity, the ivory and brown tones on the Otoe design didn’t look the same in person as on the website. Obviously, that’s really nitpicking it, and is a normal expectation when shopping online. It certainly hasn’t stopped my from wearing my UV Full Buff!

The UV Full Buff is available at www.buffusa.com for $25! The Otoe seems to be out of stock, but I’d totally wear the Starburst and Moxie prints. If flower and lace prints aren’t your cup of tea, there are a variety of other designs.

What’s your favorite use for a Buff?

Cheers to staying cool and feeling great this summer!

Currently Wearing: Merino Wool Buff

Disclosure: I received the Merino Wool Buff as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro(ambassador), and Check out BibRave.com to review, find, and write race reviews! 

SXSW is here in Austin and springtime came with it! It’s currently in the 80’s, which has me missing the cooler days of winter. At some point, another cold front will probably blow through and we’ll have a slight reprieve sometime before Memorial Day weekend. If and when this happens, I’ll be prepared with my new Merino Wool Buff. I’ve raved about Buff products before, and hoped that their new Merino Wool Buff would live up to my expectations based on prior experiences – and it certainly has! If it comes across that I’m a huge fan from this review, that’s quite alright with me.  

FTRbuffneckComfortable and cute, this Buff is one of the simplest, most versatile running accessories I own. It’s made of 100% natural Merino wool, which is soft-to-the-touch and warm, but also highly breathable. It can be worn from temperatures ranging from roughly 30 – 70 degrees, which is a pretty wide range! It doesn’t smell either. I wish all of my running gear had this property, haha, but Buff seems to be the only brand I have worn that has perfected the art. It can also take care of so many needs – headband, sweatband, scrunchie, hood (for those of you chilly weather runners), beanie, etc.

FTRbuff logoBecause it is so versatile, I can see myself changing after a run and keeping it on as a headband, because it looks great with my hair, and doesn’t give away the fact that I just worked up a sweat at the gym.

And I LOVE the color; if you can’t tell from my photos, I like purple. The Wild Aster Dye was just enough of a print to be a unique accessory, without being too bright or loud to go with anything else I wear for working out or in my day-to-day activities.

It even plays right into the athleisure trend.

Case and point: I recently traveled to Chicago for work, where there was actual snow on the ground (news flash: that never happens where I live). I brought my Buff and I ended up using it as a beanie almost the entire trip – It was just the right amount of warmth, and compact enough to be stored in my purse while I was walking around at the trade show. So yeah, it’s definitely not just for running, and that’s one of the best aspects of it! All you have to do to make it a beanie is twist it, fold one side over, and put it on… see below!FTRbufftwist

FTRbutfhatThe only con for me was that it was a little loose at times, but I am pretty petite and tend to run into this issue with headbands in general. It stayed on, even on windy days, but it was just a little more slippery/loose than my other Buffs, probably due to the material. This will not stop me from wearing it, though, and I have a feeling it will be in my rotation of running gear for years to come.

You can purchase one for yourself at www.buffusa.com for $32. Trust me, it is worth every penny! I will be buying more for myself in the future (and one for my little dog, too). And, if you’re sold on it, be sure to join me on #BibChat Twitter Chat this Tuesday, March 15 at 8:00 PM CT with Buff! You may even win one for yourself.

Have you found any other uses for the Buff that I haven’t mentioned? I’m all ears – feel free to share!

Cheers to simple things with so many uses!

Currently Wearing: Buff Thermal Hoodie

Disclosure: I received a Buff Thermal Hoodie to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out BibRave.com to review find and write race reviews! All opinions are my own.

Winter in Texas means the weather is warm one week, and below freezing the next. Seriously, it was in the high 70’s on Christmas this past year… 3 days later? Snow. Well, not where I live, it was a rainstorm by the time it reached us, but it WAS in the 30’s during the day. Crazy!

Given how unpredictable the weather is in our climate, it’s difficult to justify making a huge investment in winter-weather running gear, like a $150 tech jacket, that may only see the light of day 3 days the whole year during a mild year. Layering is a much better way to make the most out of my technical running shirts and athletic jackets for the colder mornings, but it still doesn’t take care of my head, neck and face.

buff-capitolEnter the Buff Thermal Hoodie! One of the biggest things that caught my eye about this product is the versatility. I can turn any shirt, collared jacket or coat into a hoodie for windy and cold days, making it perfect for our temperamental weather patterns and great for the layering I so often have to do when the cold weather strikes. 

I once bought something similar for skiing, that can only be used for skiing. Personally, I’m not a fan of making purchases that can only be used for one purpose. The hoodie is versatile for use in many types of winter sports, not just running. Actually the hood is large enough to accommodate a skiing or snowboarding helmet, so it would also be perfect for that.

The Hoodie can be worn several ways, like so:Buff-facecoverBuff-no coverbuff

Another feature that I loved about this hoodie was the face guard, which is made of a breathable but warm Merino wool. When I took my Buff Hoodie on my long run last weekend, I found that this part was enough to keep me warm, but didn’t seal in the heat around my neck once I warmed up.

Other things I loved about it included:

  • The Soft Hood – it’s seriously so comfy inside thanks to the Polartec fleece!
  • The Drawstring – you don’t have to tie the ends of the strings together to get your hoodie to stay to your desired tightness. Just push up the leather pieces on the drawstring and they will stay in place (see pictures above and below).
  • The Look – I received the Fog color and I am so glad. I can wear it with pretty much any color without any clashing. I also like the leather accents – they make it look more like an every day item, which I personally prefer.

buff adjustAs for the cons, I actually had a difficult time coming up with things I wasn’t crazy about. The major thing I would like to point out is that it can get kinda hot running with the hood up, but if you live in a climate that is colder than mine, I don’t foresee this being much of an issue. Also, this winter has been warmer than usual, so I haven’t had an opportunity to test it out on an extremely cold day. They do offer a model that is wind and water resistant, so that might be a better fit if you live in a generally warmer climate like I do.

You can purchase your own super-comfy, super-versatile Buff Thermal Hoodie at www.buffusa.com for $50. I highly recommend it as it is a great piece that doesn’t just work for running, but also any other activity you may find yourself doing this winter.

Besides running, what’s your favorite thing to do outdoors in the winter?

Cheers to chilly temps (and hopefully seeing an inch of snow this year)!