The Rundown: Week 1

The first week of runs:

Monday – 1.5 Miles

I wanted to run 2.0 miles on this day, but I was late to meet a friend and cut it short. I pushed myself a little bit, which was great. My Nike+ on my iPod said I was running under 10 minute miles, but I think it might have been lying. Just so y’all know, I have been running more than 1.5 miles before today; I sincerely did cut it short out of necessity.

Average pace: 9’55”, but Nike+ may have been a little generous.

Friday – 3.5 Miles

Had a wonderful, but challenging 3.5 mile run. The longest distance I’ve run yet.

Average pace: 11’05”

Saturday – 2.0 1.75 Miles

This felt awful. I am not sure if I just was super dehydrated from consuming alcohol the night before (I only had 1 drink, but hey, maybe), or if my body was still tired from running 3.5 miles the day before. I just could not get through 2 miles. I came home and wanted to sulk about it, but Chris, my husband, cheered me up and said I should try again/keep at it. I mean, in the grand scheme of things, what’s 1/4 of a mile? It felt like a lot that morning, and I was mad at myself for stopping, but it was horrible.

Average pace: 11’30″…


Overall, I think my body was still getting used to the new schedule/running more than usual. I certainly hope so. All my runs were, by the way, run on the indoor track at the Y, since I live in Texas and it is DANG hot and humid right now. I’m going to ease into running outdoors because I need to do hills and such, but I don’t want to try to run in 90+ degree weather juuuust yet (especially since the race is at a cooler time in the year).

What do you think?

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