The Rundown: Week 3

It’s Tuesday, friends. Last week’s schedule (from June 22 – June 28) included my longest run yet, 5.0 miles, which I proudly accomplished. However, that was Saturday, and this was my view on Sunday, 2 days ago:


So, without further ado, here’s a recap. After last week’s episode, I’ve been running on the indoor track, still, because it’s typically too hot outside when I am able to get my runs in. Please tell me if this is an awful idea or something.

Monday – 2.0 2.5 Miles
This run felt great, and after last Saturday, I wanted to regain some of the mileage I lost, so I ran an extra half mile.

Average pace: 10’35”

Thursday – 2.0 Miles
My best mile times yet. I felt really accomplished!

Average pace: 10’16”

Saturday – 5.0┬áMiles
For a 5 mile run, I felt pretty great the whole time. I hit a bit of a wall around mile 3.5 when my left knee started feeling a little tweaked, so I tried running while putting the opposite foot forward when I breathed in (since that helps when your side hurts), which actually helped. However, throughout the rest of the day, my legs felt tired and my kneecaps felt sore. I think it’s a case of runner’s knee. My shoes are pretty dead, and I’m waiting on my new shoes that I ordered to arrive (I haven’t run consistently/often in my shoes, but they’re about 3 years old, so I knew it was time to get some new one’s anyway), so it probably wasn’t the smartest idea to run for that long, but I wanted to get it done. I’ve got strong legs, so I’m thinking wearing the shoes for that sort of distance is the root of the problem.

Average pace: 11’13”

 So, I think the morals of the story are:

  1. Don’t run in old shoes. Oops.
  2. If you start feeling pain, stop running. I have heard this before, but had yet to experience why that could be the case. Sunday, it was painful to walk down stairs, which is problematic when you live in an upstairs apartment. Plus, it’s kinda nerve wracking.
  3. Do take Advil and use ice (20 minutes on, 20 off) if your knee caps hurt after a run. This sage advice made my life SO MUCH BETTER on Sunday.
  4. Take a couple days to rest if you start hurting.

I’ll be attempting to run 2 miles tonight after a 2 day break, but will be stopping if I start experiencing issues again. Wish me luck!

And of course, if there’s something I’m missing, please let me know what else I can be doing.

9 thoughts on “The Rundown: Week 3

  1. I am sorry to hear about the knee but I am glad to hear the ice is helping. When I saw “regain mileage” part I got nervous. One lesson here might be that it is best to let lost mileage stay lost, because you can’t get it all back in one run. For example, if a basketball team is down by 10 points, they can’t get it all back in one play. Same idea works here.

    That is great you’re getting new shoes. It may not be the whole problem but they will help.

    I wish you the best on your next run and don’t push it if you feel pain for even a short time.

    1. I forgot to say this, but I don’t see any issues with you running inside for now. However, once you get closer to the Half Marathon start running outside and if different types of weather, because on race day you won’t be able to dictate what the weather is like. If you haven’t run in all sorts of conditions this could be a huge problem mentally and physically on race day.

      1. Thanks for all the feedback. Definitely helps. I’m planning to start doing some of my shorter runs outside.

        I ran Tuesday and started feeling a little tension/twinge of pain in my left knee again at 0.8 miles, so I stopped. It was so mild, I feel like I can’t really even call it pain, but I didn’t want to do any damage. The rest of this week I’ve been feeling like I have a minute bruise on that knee, so I don’t really know what it is. It’s not aggravating or anything, I’ve just been using extra ice in hopes that this very slight pain will go away.

        Going to try another run this weekend and see how long I can run before it bothers me.

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