The Rundown: Week 4

Yes, I’m still here! It’s been a couple of weeks since my last post and a lot has happened!

As I mentioned previously, I was experiencing some knee pain in early July. With ice, my knee pain stopped, but I did not run much the week after. I got back on the wagon July 4th and have pretty much picked up where I left of with my training schedule because week 4 was pretty light. Essentially, I’m counting June 29 – July 11 as week 4 on the schedule, even though it was 2 weeks.

Here’s a recap of my runs since I last posted.

Tuesday (July 1) – 0.8 Miles
My first run back after icing my knees all weekend. One of my knees started to hurt just a little 0.8 miles into the 2.0 mile run I was attempting, so I decided not to push myself through it and just let it rest a little more. I wasn’t pushing myself to begin with, as is evident in my time.

Average pace: 11’00″ish

Friday (July 4) – 3.0 Miles
No better way to celebrate freedom than by attempting 3.0 miles, right? This was my first run in my new shoes (!!) and I felt NO pain so I went the whole 3.0 miles. Thank God. I also ran outdoors in hilly (and hot) Austin, which made for an extra challenge; I was definitely, pleasantly surprised by my average pace and glad I finished the run.

Average pace: 11’09”

Wednesday (July 9) – 3.0 Miles
Wasn’t able to make it back in to the gym until Wednesday… but it all worked out. It was probably good to rest up a little bit and enjoy the weekend. Only bad part was I started having these painful cramps in my left lower calf, which slowed me down a lot. I had to stop and stretch a couple of times and took it slow.

Average pace: 11’02”

Friday (July 11) – 2.0 Miles

Much better run. Figured out how to alleviate the cramps/soreness by adjusting my gait (or whatever you call it). I tried running with my shoulders more above my waist and that worked like a charm. I had no pain after that and was glad to have some miles back under 11’00, too.

Average pace: 10’26”


Not sure what’s up with this whole cramp thing but I iced my leg over the weekend and it’s continually felt much better on runs so far this week.

More on this week will come at the end of the week!

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