The Rundown: Week 5

Things have been going well for me in this busy month of July. My cramping/pain in my calves has consistently subsided during runs. I have also been super busy so I’m playing catch up today! I am definitely thankful for Nike+ because it makes it easy to keep track of results from my runs.

Tuesday (July 15) – 3.0 Miles
My husband has been participating in a softball league with coworkers, so I had the perfect opportunity to run around this great park (which has a marked loop with water fountains) and got pressured afterward into staying for a great game of humiliation softball. It was hot and humid, so I had to slow down a lot for the run, but I still completed it. Side note: I will be so glad when it gets cooler out. I am really hoping for my pace to get better when that happens.

Average pace: 11’39”

Wednesday (July 16) – 2.0 Miles
I felt like I was both sluggish and fast on this run at some points. It was kinda weird. Had a little tension in my calves afterwards so I iced, but no prolonged soreness.

Average pace: 10’19”

Saturday (July 19) – 4.0 Miles
A hot run outdoors again, but a good one, nonetheless. No pain after in my calves, which was good. I definitely see a positive difference when I run outside vs. when I run on the track. I feel like the constant turning of the track (which is 0.1 miles per loop) messes with my legs, so I have been trying to save it for short distances/rainy days and use the treadmill if I have to run indoors for a longer period. Does anyone have the same experience?

Average pace: 11’04”


As Texans, I feel like we count down the days in July in August because of the heat, but luckily, this summer hasn’t been too much of a scorcher, so Saturday morning runs have been good. Hope everyone has had a great July so far (only one day left!!). Stay tuned; more recaps to come!

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