The Rundown: Week 6

Week 6 looks a little meager as far as workouts go, but I don’t really care. It was an extremely busy week that ended with a fun weekend. Sometimes, we just need those.

Tuesday (July 21) – 2.0 Miles
Felt like I was running an even better pace than last week, but then my time was what’s listed below. I’ve been wearing moisture-wicking shirts and decided on a t-shirt… so maybe that was the problem?

Average pace: 10’23″ish

Tuesday (July 22) – 40 minutes on the treadmill (not really sure mileage because the treadmill was saying I was running 4.5 miles per hour. I know that’s not right)… I estimate about 3.7 miles.
Anyway, this run wasn’t good or bad, but there was nowhere else to fit any mileage in since Chris and I were going to be out of town this weekend, and we had my dad’s birthday on Thursday night and another commitment on Wednesday. I just ran as much as I could before I had to meet my friend later that evening and called it a day. Busy weeks call for that.

Average pace: 10’48” if my calculation is correct

Saturday (July 26) – Cross Training… because we were at SIX FLAGS!
I definitely worked my lungs from screaming on roller coasters all day (no, literally, screaming during all the rides) and walked a lot. I haven’t been beating myself up about skipping the workout because I feel like I got the mileage in, so that’s good. I have been cross training 1-2 days a week and sparing you all the details, but I felt like this workout merits a special mention. Being the petrified, careful youth that I was, I never used to ride roller coasters, until I tried riding some at Disney World. Given that this chapter in my life is all about conquering fears and finding new joys, hence taking up running, I challenged myself to ride some crazier rides and had a great time.

Here’s a photo one of our friends took from the weekend (my husband and I are on the right, pictured with some of our dear friends)! I think we all got an ab workout from laughing so hard, trying to fit 5 people in this log.

Log Ride Fun!

Who else has had any fun “cross training” this summer? 🙂

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