The Rundown: Week 7

It was a great week for running this past week. I hit a few milestones, but also had some minor setbacks. That’s just the way it goes, though!

Tuesday (July 29) – 2.0 miles
Fastest pace yet! I definitely felt accomplished and just flew through the run. My cross training the Saturday before must have helped. 🙂

Average pace: 10’06”

Thursday (July 31) – 3.0 miles
I ran in the park again today. It was cloudy and breezy out, but I still felt sluggish. The heat index was between 92 and 97 degrees, so it makes sense that I slowed down, but I’m still wanting to be a little bit faster. I am having to accept where I am at for what it is, which is a challenge. Hopefully as it cools off in September, that will make it a little easier to get through these outdoor runs.

Average pace: 11’21”

Saturday (August 2) – 6.0 miles
Longest run yet! It felt like I accomplished something in that sense! It was a very tough, hilly run because I was in Austin (despite being only 76 degrees outside). I had to stop and walk up the last big hill for a minute because I was dying… not literally – I just couldn’t quite catch my breath. Other than that, it was not too bad and I just paid no mind to my pace. My focus on the long runs is just getting through them, no matter how slow I have to go.

Average pace: 11’47”

Now that I have hit the 6 mile mark, I’m going to get registered for my race! That’s a large source of motivation for me this week… I told my best friend that I would see where I was at the beginning of August/if I could do 6 miles yet and let her know if I thought I could do the half marathon in the fall to work towards the full in February. Well, it’s official: I think I can!

Blogging about this has certainly helped me to stick with this goal and stay the course. Thanks for keeping up with me and for all the encouragement!

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