The Rundown: Week 8

Last week: good. This week: not so much.

Tuesday (August 5) – 2.0 miles
This run was not great and not bad, either – just a “meh” run.

Average pace: 10’16”

Wednesday (August 6) – 3.0 miles
Wednesday’s run turned out to be my fastest 3-miler yet, so that provided some slight encouragement. For the past couple of weeks, I feel like I have been running fast enough, but when I find out my pace, I’m surprised by how slow it is.

Average pace: 10’31”

Saturday (August 9) – 7.0 miles 3.2 miles (including a bit of walking…)
It was hot. We’re talking about the fact that the heat index was between 95 and 100 degrees at freaking 9 am when I went to go run. I was running on a relatively unshaded trail and it was sunny. This translated to me stopping running after mile 2. We were also helping a friend move later in the day, so I knew I was going to be in the heat later on and didn’t want to wind up fainting or something. I wasn’t breathing hard and I wasn’t totally exhausted, but I was SO SO SO stinking hot. I am bummed that I let the heat get the best of me and am hopeful that I can find a better route in the event of another sunny morning next week for my 8 miler. That’s going to be a long run and now I am really nervous.

Average pace: 15’14″… ran about 12’00” pace when I was actually running it, though.

The silver lining was that I took time to smell the flowers. I run in a beautiful park but am often concentrating so hard on my run I don’t notice.


It’s kinda like Naria, minus the cool air, dontcha think?

Is it normal to cut runs short when the weather is so hot/is there anything I can do to continue training effectively when it is this hot outside and I have to do a long run in a safe place?


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