Where I’ve Been and Where I’m Going

As I mentioned over a month ago, I was going to have some exciting updates. Little did I know how much those updates were going to rock my life.

We found out at the end of August that we had the opportunity to move to Austin, so we took it and ran with it.

Austin has a lot of great career opportunity, and my husband accepted a new job that he’s excited about. Combined with it being one of the best cities for runners, having a plethora of outdoor activities, constant live music, and delish food (!), making the move was a no-brainer.

Mid-September, we moved all of our stuff from our tiny Houston apartment to the 512/ATX. I’ve been tirelessly searching for a job, and barely able to fit in regular runs. It’s derailed my training a bit, but I’m proud to say I found a new job (yay paychecks!) and am refocusing now that we can plan ahead further than the next day. I’m currently staying with my parents in H-town to finish out a bit of work before I start my new job.

Living with your parents has its drawbacks, but it’s also been nice to spend time with them before the move, knowing this precious time is temporary.

After my last day on Friday, I have 3 weeks off before I start my new job… Woo hoo!

So, that’s the short recap of what’s been going on lately.

As for my training, I’m still planning to run my half marathon on October 25 (wow… I didn’t realize that was only 20 days away until just now).

Even though I wasn’t posting about it, I was pretty diligent with training until early September and finally starting to see results. When I found out we were moving, though, I had to job search in my spare time and lose sleep to find even more spare time to pack. I’ve been trying to put in as many runs in as I can in the weeks since.

Panic hasn’t overtaken me just yet, and I completed my 11 mile run tonight.¬†On one hand, I feel good that I can miss as many runs as I have and still crank out 11 miles. However, they were slow, tough miles, and I think my speed goal is basically out the window at this point. Maybe I’ll surprise myself, but I’m not counting on it.

While I’m a fighter and don’t like to admit defeat, I’ve resolved that I will save my goal of 11 minute miles for the next race. I’m considering running the Austin half in February, which isn’t far off.

I can’t wait to share all of the posts I was working on before this interruption. Thanks for bearing with me and please keep the next couple of weeks in your thoughts and/or prayers as they are the last of my training.

Cheers to big changes and exploring a new city! It’s been real, Houston.


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